Friday Evening: Jen Baldwin

The Spirit of the Next Generation: Why Age Doesn’t Matter in Genealogy

We are living through a great time in genealogy. Innovation. Technology. Genetic genealogy. Digitization at a pace we have never known before. There is so much happening, and many of us struggle to keep up with it all! And yet, we have the opportunity to do all of that and more if we broaden our community, learn from each other, and adopt the Spirit of the Next Generation. 

Saturday Opening: Adam Bunch

Telling Old Stories with New Media

New technologies like social media and smartphones are transforming the way histories can be told. Adam will discuss some of the possibilities of historical storytelling in the digital age, delving into exciting new ways of exploring the past and connecting with new audiences. He’ll share some of the insights he’s learned by working on the Canadiana YouTube series and his multimedia Toronto Dreams Project, which aims to bring history alive through a combination of new and traditional media. 

Banquet: Adam Bunch

Bringing the Dead to Life

History is too often presented as a dry list of dates and events, while the full lives our ancestors led are overlooked — forgotten behind cemetery gates and in dusty archival records. But they were human beings who had the same kinds of passions, fears and hopes as we do, shaped by the times they lived in. Sharing stories from his Toronto Book of the Dead and Canadiana documentary series, Adam Bunch will explore the importance of connecting with the vivid tales of those who have come before us, helping to bring their histories to life. 

Sunday Closing: Jen Baldwin

A Narrative Worth Telling: The Emotive Journey of Family History

Family history is a pursuit of our origins, our stories, and our community. It is an incredibly emotional pursuit, bringing out the full range of human emotional capacity, and as a result, can be very overwhelming. Each of us has a contribution to the human story and it is our efforts to explore that narrative and share it – good and bad – that makes genealogy such a powerful entity.